What is Eurotemps?

To cater to the needs of more international clients looking for strong HR partners in different countries, French specialist in recruitment and temp labor R.A.S. Intérim has founded Eurotemps, the very first cross-border partnership between like-minded HR groups. Via Eurotemps, multinationals get access to specialized HR services through a network of 340 agencies in France, Luxembourg and Spain (R.A.S.), Belgium (ASAP.be), Germany (Expertum), Italy and Poland (Orienta) and Portugal (Talenter).

What is the purpose of Eurotemps?

The Eurotemps members are committed to offer European companies a high-quality solution to find the right talent across borders.

Are there specific industries you are targeting?

The Eurotemps partners offer expertise across a vast array of industries. They see a particular added value for industries such as transport and logistics, hospitality, retail and the services industry.

Is there a demand in the market?

A lot of multinationals are looking for a strong HR partner who can support them in their search for the right talent in different countries at the same time, guaranteeing the same high standard and expertise across markets. Eurotemps now offers them an alternative solution.

What are our values?

Family Business : the guarantee of a long term involvement and vision.
Agility & proximity: Innovative Systems for HR Management (agility), Our branches are all over Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy and Poland (proximity).
Strong loyalty of our temps and internals: we are human centric, we want to help people to grow up, to discover their potential. For us, the place of the employee is at the heart of the Group's performance.

Where we are

A new, global model of “Europe of HR”

Where we are

A new, global model of “Europe of HR”




R.A.S Group






R.A.S Group






R.A.S Group

Who we are

Talenter™ is a company group, specialized at the meeting between people’s talent and the market needs. Our main Gold is on a daily basis, build a Future of job opportunities. Is based on this philosophy that we support candidates and companies on the finding, development and talent’s retention, with solutions as Recruitment & Selection, professional qualification, temporary work, Outsourcing and Management Consultancy.

Number of agencies 26 agencies

Recruitment & Selection
Professional Qualification
Temporary Work
Management Consultancy

2018 Turnover 80 Millions


At ASAP we put people at the center of the job search. ASAP is one of the TOP10 on the Begian employment market. ASAP is a family business, where everything revolves around "Enjoy your job". We believe that if you are yourself, you are at the best in a job.

We can build on a 40-year history to continue our growth trajectory. ASAP therefore has ambitious plans for our future: they want a strong presence in 10 European countries over the next 10 years, with the most committed employees.

Number of agencies: 80

Transport & Logistics
Maritime and service industry

2018 Turnover: 311 mio€


R.A.S is a French family group founded in 1969 and operating in services related to the management of Human Resources. Its main activity is the recruitment of temporary, fixed-term and permanent employees. Today based in France, Spain (R.A.S Interim Espana) and Luxembourg (Agrolux), R.A.S Interim has a strong network of more than 150 agencies.

The singularity of R.A.S Interim is based in particular on:

A multi-specialist strategy supporting companies in industry, retail, hotel and catering, health and sports with Its strong positioning on transport and logistics, giving it the position of national leader in the delegation of drivers.
Its 24/7 service created in 1994 giving it the ability to handle customer requests at any time of day or night, including weekends and public holidays.

The company has experienced strong growth in its business for more than 10 years, which allows it to invest heavily in its network and its sustainability strategy. The company development has always been achieved while respecting strong values such as:

The place of the employee at the heart of the Group's performance
Sustainability and financial strength as guarantors of a long-term vision
The quality of daily service to temporary workers and customers
Consideration of the impact of its activities on the environment

Number of agencies 130

Transport & Logistics
Retail and Luxury

2018 Turnover 310 mio€


Orienta is a company specialized in Temporary Work, Recruitment & Selection, Training and HR Consulting.

Since 1993 Orienta has been working to boost innovation in human resources and to help people to grow.

Today, Orienta is an important player among the temporary work agencies in the Italian market; is present with 55 branches, 180 employees, a turnover of € 150 million and about 20,000 workers.

Orienta Group founded the Company Orienta Polska operating in the Polish labour market with branches in Wroclaw, Katowice and Warsaw.

Orienta has the quality certification ISO 9001:2015, SA 8000 Corporate Social Responsibility and it is in partnership with CONFINDUSTRIA and ASSOLOMBARDA since year 2000.

In addiction, in 2017 Orienta was granted ELITE certification, a programme of the Italian Stock Exchange

Orienta’s values are Reliability, Trust, Innovation, Training.

Number of agencies in Italy: 55

Number of agencies in Poland: 3


Sales e marketing
Industry e production
Information Technology
Healthcare & Wellness
Retail e GDO
Office e contact center
Fashion & Luxury
Truck e logistic

Turnover: € 150 million



As a nationally operating HR Service provider expertum specializes in recruiting technical and business professionals for the German industry. expertum focuses on clients in plant construction and engineering, the aviation industry plus the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The subsidiary “expertum blue” serves its clients in production, automotive and logistics with large scale temporary labor and high efficiency solutions.

With more than 40 offices and 30 years of experience expertum accompanies prestigious clients in their staffing needs with tailored HR solutions.


Number of agencies: more than 40

Plant construction and engineering
Aviation industries
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Automotive manufacturing
Rail vehicle engineering
Energy sector/wind energy
Financial services



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